On this Blog I will be posting things that people are doing to make this world a better place. In the comment section of each post I would like you to tell me about things you have done to make the lives of those around you better. It could be something as simple as buying someone in need a hot meal. Any of the things you put in the comments section will be posted on this Blog.

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Thursday, February 17, 2011

I Promise


     Welcome to my first post. Be sure to read the About page to learn learn a little more about the Promise Cards. Picture random acts of kindness with a new name and a card you pass along. To get this Blog started I've listed five things which I've done for other people, and then given them cards. Some seem a little crazy, but they do make a difference in peoples lives. 

1. Buy umbrellas and keep them in your car. If you see someone getting soaked, give them an umbrella. Don’t forget to then give them a promise card.
2. Buy supermarket gift cards. Search the store for someone who looks like they could really use it.
3. Pack and extra sandwich before leaving for work. Take a walk at lunch. You’ll be surprised at the number of people you’ll see who could use it.
4. Adopt a family for the Holidays. You can even be a secret Santa. You’ll end up having the best Christmas ever.
5. My local grocery gives what’s called gas points with purchases. The more you spend the more you get off a gallon of gas. When my gas points get high, I’ll wait by the pumps until I see someone who looks like they can use them. I’ll then tell the person that I don’t need the points, and they’re ready to expire.


  1. Last year, I was waiting to be seated at a restaurant. There was an elderly lady waiting behind me. The hostess came over and said "Are you two together?" I said no.She said "no, I'm alone." I'm usually horribly shy and anxious, but I thought how sad, and faintly ridiculous, for each of us to sit and eat a meal alone. So I asked if she would like to join me. She beamed! We had a nice lunch and a lovely conversation. I paid the tab when she went to the restroom. She insisted on buying me a bar of chocolate on the way out. A simple thing, but we both had an enjoyable meal and the gift of companionship.

  2. I am sixty and I am still trying to make this world a better place, a safer place, a commom sense place and a place where people do not get misguided so businesses can make money.