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Friday, April 22, 2011

Making Promises

     All of us have made promises in our lives. Some we have kept, and some we have broken. Simply put a promise is a commitment to do or not do something. A promise can be made in the form of an oath, an affirmation or a vow. We are all familiar with the vows we make when we are married. We not only make promises to other people, but to ourselves as well. I think that every once in a while we should sit down and think about our lives. Think of where we've been, where we are right now and what we want for our future. We should also think about things we promise to ourselves. Commitments we wish to make. I had some time and I thought about promises, and I decided to write a few things down. I'll keep this list of promises, and over the years look at it to make sure I try to keep them.

I Promise to wake up each morning as if it's a brand new life. I will forget yesterday and move forward.

I Promise to try to see the beauty not only in the world around me, but in the people I meet.

I Promise to look for the good in people rather than anticipate the bad.

I Promise to move forward without the fear of being hurt by others.

I Promise to give of myself; and not hide inside my own safe world.

I Promise to learn and expand my mind by acquiring knowledge.

I Promise to love unconditionally.

I Promise to not dwell on my failures, but celebrate my successes.

I Promise to appreciate the small things in life.

I Promise to remember not only how short and fragile life is, but also how special and precious it is.

I Promise to see the uniqueness in myself as well as those around me.

I Promise to not take for granted the gifts and talents God has given me.

I Promise to use those gifts and talents to make the lives of others better.

I Promise to learn to listen to the sights and sounds of life.

I Promise to live life and love with an open heart.

I Promise to never take anyone or anything for granted.

I Promise to open up my heart and mind to new experiences.

I Promise to open my eyes and see where there is need.

I Promise to give to others not only material things, but a part of myself.

I Promise to walk the path of life softly, and be careful not to step on others.

I Promise to be honest and fair with those I meet.

I Promise to to live with humility.

I Promise to protect those who cannot protect themselves.

I Promise to strive to reach my potential.

I Promise to see the potential in others and help them realize it.

I Promise to be myself, and not pretend to be someone else.

I Promise to smile with a genuine smile and mean it.

I Promise to love as much as I possibly can. Not just others, but myself as well.

I Promise to pick myself up after I fail, learn a lesson, try to do better, and move on.

I Promise to walk tall, and proud, and never hang my head in defeat.

I Promise to learn from my mistakes, and improve myself.

I Promise as the Promise Card says; That I will try to help someone in need. Whether in a big or small way, I will try to make their lives better. I will then pass on this card to that person in the hope that they will pass it on, and form a chain which will touch as many lives as possible.


  1. A wonderful list. I suppose the hardest for me is the picking myself up after I fail. Sometimes it seems impossible, but then it's difficult to ever move ahead when one is lying on the ground.:)

  2. I love this list. The promise cards are similar to something my kids do at their middle school. It is called random acts of kindness and it is a beautiful thing