On this Blog I will be posting things that people are doing to make this world a better place. In the comment section of each post I would like you to tell me about things you have done to make the lives of those around you better. It could be something as simple as buying someone in need a hot meal. Any of the things you put in the comments section will be posted on this Blog.

Request for (10) cards: Send a self addressed, stamped envelope to:

Promise Cards
4710 Farming Ridge Blvd.
Reading, Pa. 19606


  The Promise Cards are an idea I came up with in order to help me on my own personal journey to become a better person. The premise of these cards is that you do something to help someone. You then give them the card, and hope that the card will be passed along in a chain of good deeds. Eventually, the cards will become used up and ragged and can be replaced with a new one. The more worn a card has become, is a testament to the good it has brought forth.

     Notice the first two words on the promise card in bold letters are "I Promise". In today's world promises often don't mean that much. People promise things and then never follow through. I was raised by parents who taught me that a person's word meant something. When you receive a promise card, take the time to repeat those two words. Remember, that you are making a promise. Not, to save the world. Most of us don't have the power or money to do that. You are making a promise to do the best you can to help someone.

   I have found out through my own personal experience that good, hard working people are often embarrassed to accept any help. They have worked hard their whole lives. They've prided themselves on their independence and self-sufficiency. When they've found themselves in a tough situation, they are embarrassed and often feel ashamed. The Promise Cards are a great way to ease some of their embarrassment. I've told them that everyone needs help sometimes. Take this card, and when you are back on your feet, help someone, and then pass on the card.

     The things you do for other people don't necessarily have to involve money. Sometimes the greatest gifts are simple gestures. A smile to brighten someones day. Listening to a friend who's had a bad day. The things we can do our endless. The secret is to really look around you. Sometimes in our rush through life, and our own busy lives, we miss people in need who are right in front of us. If you've done